For many brides and grooms, your wedding could be the first time hiring a creative professional. Probably the most important thing for a bride and groom to do before they spend any time looking at photographers is to determine their own style.

I take a photojournalistic approach to wedding photography, which is more candid, documenting and storytelling. Capturing spontaneous moments to emphasize emotion, my craft requires a strong sense of composition, lighting, and timing. I try to get the most interesting and intriguing image possible. A trained, experienced photojournalist will know what to photograph and how to photograph it to really capture the essence of the event and be able to tell the complete story in pictures so others viewing those photos will be able to relive the event, some images are also unique in how they draw you in and set the mood—not for the ritual of the day, but for the ambiance, the colors, the treats and the details. I do not shoot many overly posed photographs on the wedding day.  However, I feel it is important to have some casually posed images with close family and friends. I have used my skills to capture images for studio photography, magazine, fashion, sports, birthdays, anniversaries, and of course weddings.